Apex Nutsubidze - sales have started!

# Move to Saburtalo in a quiet and cozy area - here, together with a residential apartment, you will find a healthy environment and views of the city spread out in the palm of your hand.

 "Apex Nutsubidze" is located on the Nutsubidze plateau - Paata Datuashvili # 24. 12,500 sq.m. The complex planned on the area consists of four buildings, three of which have 20 floors and one has 8 floors.

The project includes an entertainment space for children; open and closed two-level parking area; Two floors will be dedicated to office and commercial spaces.

The complex has panoramic views from the first floor, which makes it particularly attractive. In the construction process, our team uses environmentally friendly and high-quality materials, all of which are prerequisites for a healthy life.

APEX development offers optimal planning of apartments, convenient location and diverse selection of apartments. The minimum area of ​​the apartment starts from 43 sq.m.

"Apex Nutsubidze" offers a customized payment schedule and internal interest-free installments of up to 5 years when purchasing an apartment.

Apartments in the "Apex Nutsubidze" complex will be handed over in white frame condition.

  • 2022-06-10
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